Key of Keys

April 2021

Literally, Symbolically and metaphorically, keys are part of all our lives, and we depend on them to make things work, to get us where we want to go, and to make decisions that affect the future.

But there's more. Each of us holds a key to something, regardless of our circumstances and how we feel about ourselves, for it's about who we are. Just as a key is unique, every one of us brings to this world things no one else can. Born to search out our individual identity and purpose on the earth and look for keys to unlock our true potential.  

Guest Artist: Rosina Godwin


For SpiritSpace gathering play last 3 mins

Guest Artist: Rebekah Okpoti 


Guest Artist: Gabriela Dumitrescu 

@Gabriela Dumitrescu

Guest Artist: Kathy Allen


Guest Artist: Ayshia Taskin and Daniele Bongiovanni 


Guest Artist: Vinay Hathi