Li An Lee

Li An Lee (b. 1986, Colchester)  is a Surrey-based artist and photographer currently studying at the University for the Creative Arts (MA).


She uses photography to explore the parent-child dialectic. The world is full of systems, cultural, political, educational, even our induvial life journeys are made up of layers and layers some more sensible than others. Some trigger judgments, divide people, even divide the self. Often, they have been active for so long their purpose and function become forgotten or lost over the centuries. In the current moment, the systems we are exposed to (especially in ‘1st world’ culture) or need to comply with are numerous, and some even absurd. However, even from all of this, does it become chaotic? Can chaos form order? Or order from chaos? Either way, can a chaotic mess be beautiful? The monochromatic images document the child, unknown but also everybody's child. The work has been influenced by Paulo Freire's book 'Pedagogy of the Oppressed' where he discusses the oppressed mindset and how the oppressed can be helped out of oppression. Through photography, the oppression of children and the oppression of parents is analyzed.  The work utilizes an analytical aerial view as if through a microscope. The use of the helicopter view suggests the situation is under scrutiny, and the geometry of the image implies a CSI investigation of the work.