• Li An Li

Working Artist Mothers

From the discussion and the evidence of other artist mother experiences that there is a discrepancy in the work place that since artwork is mostly done through open calls and is subjective. Discrimination can happen quietly early on and unnoticeably. It also seems to reasons that curators need to be aware that babies are demanding but so are school age children and so are teenagers all in different ways.

It seems that the artworld is still stuck in the Victorian age that if children but be there then be seen and not heard. institutions need to be accepting that the children are people also and the only way to change this is as Hetti says that children are visible, that mother bring their children to event and children have a presence. If the demand is there then the institutions will have to change.

I found this challenging and encouraging. Challenge in terms of naivety that the artworld was so harsh to mothers, and also in that I will have to put my kids through what to them will see to boring event and learning to equip them with tools so that they too may socialise and show the world that they too are also human. And encouraging that there is a movement about to take off of mothers who will engage to break the mold to not hid their children away as if an hindrance to their career. But also I find it encouraging that since choosing to be a home educating working artist mother that these two roles can actually work side by side to create a holistic and harmonious life. Hetti has put together guidelines as to how art institutions may help cater to working artist parents.

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