• Li An Li

Phantastic Phillipson

Heath Phillipson's biggest exhibition in the UK ever is hosted across three rooms at Tate Britain. It is a sensational full-on experience. Not to Mumma if you have a baby of child and are looking for a sensory experience this is the show for you. Sit back in your buggy babies listen to the sounds and be transported into an environment of red. This child-friendly show would keep even teenagers engaged in awe of this new experience.

The work references the then of the peach which one can't help but think of James and the Giant Peach (a Roald Dahl book, which incidentally if you haven't read is fantastic) Where the Peach is the world but also a hot air balloon for a series of creatures. So too is this world Phillipson has created for the suggestion of animal eyes. The poignant part of any living animal; where soul-to-souls connect.

Having been to South East Asian and their large use of 8k projections its great to see this technology starting to make its way over to the UK (Van Gogh Exerpience is the other known places using this technology in the UK)

The sheer wonderment of being able to enter this environment is fantastic and a must see.

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