• Li An Li

Jill Oak at Pallanet House

Pallanet House, Chichester, is filled with well-known names Richard Long,

Rachel Whiteread. However, downstairs is a community art room, I can't help but think it is an inspirational place to create. Beside it is a darkened room. Inside was work by Madge Gill under dim light. But beside it were responses by Jill Oak. The sheer scale of the work impacted me as well as the form.

There was one main work, Enter the Enchanted wood (2020), so long that it is bent around two walls. The intricacy of the details and the sheer effort,and time taken are staggering. In the center of the room are a series of concertina books, filled with beautiful colours and patterns. The look as although there were therapeutic to do and yet sumons a sense of reference in the darkness. It causes the same awe that one is faced with the bayeuex tapestry.

Another artist who has inspired me to try concertina books is Dawn Langley. Where she has created a concertina within a concertina. She looks at digital after life and digital assets considers how they should be in a will.

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