• Li An Li

Feeling like an Artist

This week we have had to put on a show twice, attended critical theory session and had induction into metal and wood workshops. Alongside this we have been continuing our small group project, our induction project, continued practice, website, blog, reflective diary, and sketchbook. It all feels rather a lot especially when on top of this we all have our own lives to negotiate.

There is such a buzz in the studios and amongst our group. They are such a wonderful mix of people all with a beautiful history to share. I think that is one of the reasons I enjoy part-timers there is a higher likely hold of meeting people that have had so many experiences in life that their artworks can have a deep richness to them, but also so do they as people.

After our first exhibition I have found that my ideas for this second exhibition are clearer. I am also realising that the work I choose to display can change right up until the finally moment and they need not be the exact original of first conceived idea.

Often the material dictates where and how the work should go and learning to follow that is my new focus.

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