• Li An Li

Curatorial Play

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Today we played curators. By this I mean we were given a white space and all brought work in to play around in the space as though we were hanging an actual show. The first lay out, or as we call it the first iteration, was done by the artist. The second by a colleague.

I brought in '7 tiers of pain't and presented it as though it had just been poured on the floor. I thought the only other iteration was to place the tower in a corner or on a different part of the floor. However no. My colleague requested to reinforce the tower and mount it on the wall! This was incredible! Suddenly this inanimate tower became a curious object. It was like a painting because it was on the wall but also a sculpture in the 'wrong' place. It was as if being on the floor made it too predictable.

What I really learnt was also how the curator and artist interact. That some times the curator may want to change how a work is presented, moving parts, rearranging parts, even adjustments that may slightly change the meaning of the work and as an artist I need to be open to this idea.

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