• Li An Li

Photography as a means to process

I wanted to share with you this great book I have been reading by Wendy Ewald 'I want to take me a picture'. Yes, the grammar is intentional. However, within context it makes sense. Ewald takes us on her journey how she started the photography and literacy program. It is a program used in developing areas, to help children engage. It is written half as a story and half as a curriculum with assignments as you go.

She talks about how often the camera becomes a block, that causes people to act differently. However, if a child takes the image people are less on guard. They see different things.

For me on a personal note, I have gained a greater respect for the text that accompanies the photograph. It changes how I see the image and is an aspect I am working at incorporating in my work. The other aspect is that it makes me want to run a workshop.

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